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The first part of any culture change process requires as many staff as practicable to be trained as Certified Eden Alternative Associates. The Eden Associate training is delivered by  qualified trainers who have an understanding and experience in the challenges and successes of implementing the Eden Alternative.  Additional trainings are available to help organizations through their culture change transition.



The Eden Alternative is a philosophy of care which promotes "quality of life" for our elders. It helps to bring about deep cultural change within organizations.  It supports norms, values and behaviours which focus on an Elder Centered Model of Care. Eden helps organizations to transform themselves from institutions for the frail and elderly to human habitats where residents can live full lives.  


Our services can utilize any combination to meet the needs of your organization's unique journey. They are:

1. Half or Two Day Training Workshops

2. Presentations or Seminars

3. In-House Training

4. Healthcare Project Management

5. Leadership Assessments

6. Organizational Culture Assessments

7. Vision, Mission and Strategic Planning

Let us help you cultivate a home culture, living and working together to make an ideal community. You cultural outlook can reframe a new standard for excellence!